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School’s Out 11 – Frozen

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I was out the whole day, I was guilty, I didn’t spend much time with him so I rushed home to pick him up and zoomed to the cinema for FROZEN!

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about this show, yes the trailer has been on tv forever but for those who know me, I don’t watch tv and I don’t really like cinema. I just know whenever Asher sees the trailer, he asks me if he can see snow. My dear son, there is no snow in Singapore.

After watching few stage shows, he has more experience and even reminds me he needs a booster chair. How independent my son has become, he takes it by himself and even returns it after the show.
I thought I have made a right choice, the show was great! Okay, great is an understatement here. You have to watch it to understand how fantastic this show is. The storyline may not be new but who cares anyway, the sound effect, the funny Olaf and the music, oh my, I keep thinking of going back with Ben, Asher too can’t help but listen to the songs over and over again at youtube. We are all waiting to purchase the Blu Ray DVD, simply love the show!

Here is the trailer, if you have not watch it, go and watch now!


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