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School’s Out 13 – Do you wanna build a snowman?

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I love the song, I mean we love the song, we can play it all day long. (yeah, on my phone) when I took out the packs of magic snow, which is instant snow making pack, the kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.

See the process of making :

It comes in packing like this.
Not a lot, but it multiplies and erupts into almost a bowlful of artificial snow. Just need to pour water slowly and get the consistency that you prefer.
I have not touch real snow so I can’t tell how real it is. This one, fine jelly like, a little moist when touch.
I like it as it is reusable, yes, can be used again and again! According to my friend, just need to store in closed container. As stated on packaging, the instant snow is non-toxic and safe for children to touch, of course, not suitable for children under 3yo.
The kids love it, I am really thankful to have sisters who love our children, who always think of the kids and buy toys online for them. If not for her, I won’t even know there is such product in the market.

After making snowman using the artificial snow, we made snowman & Santa ornament crafts.

As simple as A-B-C, next year I will prepare more for the kids!


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