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School’s Out 14 – Meeting Santa @ Tanglin Mall

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I guess so long we celebrate Christmas in Singapore, this will be our yearly affair at Tanglin Mall. Next year, I’ll be smart to spend up to $100 at the nice restaurant or CS to get the complimentary photo taking at Santa Workshop. FYI, a single large size photo like this costs me $19.95. 20131226-022548.jpg
We arrived around 230pm and luckily the queue was not long, we didn’t wait for long but the staff was kind enough to hand this to Asher. Oh well, he doesn’t know how to write a letter to Santa yet, he took the crayons and started colouring the sky and sun.
A pretty good idea I would say, to kill some time while waiting for their turn to take photos, every kid loves to write or draw something for Santa.
Asher was independent, he walked to Santa and they had a little chat, then he sat nicely on Santa’s lap and this was his first shot, the best of all.


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