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School’s Out 17 – WON – Holiday Workshops Passes by WOW Art

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I didn’t pay a cent for all the holiday art passes, thanks to my lucky angels/fairies & friend. I won a 2-day passes from WOW Studio on their Facebook Fan Page.

I believe this is the room that used by Singkids members to celebrate their birthdays. It is not very small but the items in the room are too many that left only small corner for them to do art work. I wonder how they wash their hands after art as Asher’s wrist and forearm were so dirty that I had to bring him to toilet to wash after class. Can you see them sitting next to the shoes cabinet? If you have been to the place, you know where exactly they sat, there isn’t any space at all.


Asher and his masterpiece


Reindeer? Can you tell? I can’t. Obviously something is missing on the head! And the teacher didn’t tell me they were still wet, it stained Asher’s pants and shirt and ruined my favourite yellow blouse.


Oh yes, they even have time to draw monster after the class while waiting for me to pick him up.


I was so upset with my blouse that I simply said YES to Asher when he asked to enter Singkids.(yeah, YES without even know what was the question asked.) Oh my, $19/hr for peak seasons ( school holidays) is a little bit steep. Okay, he had fun and got walloped by one of the older kid inside the playground and left with bleeding lips.


Selfie ! We had 30 min of private moment while Asher was in class. I always hope Ben can spend time with me, just me.


As I won a 2-day pass, we came back the next day. Somehow, they managed to squeeze in another 2 tables and 3 children.


Photo taken by Miraculet. I didn’t know KD was there until Mommy Cen-Lin Ting texted me. So nice to see them chatting and playing together, eversince we move out from my mom’s, Asher doesn’t have playmates at home and starts asking for his little sister. (No, I am not P so don’t ask)


Happy with his Gingerbread House !


Teacher Rara commented that Asher had lots of opinions while doing work and he was very observant, insisted to have grill for windows so no one would fall out.


Besides the 2-day pass that I’ve won from Facebook. Mommy Patricia was so nice to give me her slots too! I am grateful and thankful to have wonderful friends & family around me.


20 minutes drive from home brought us to the art class at Hokey Pokey, Milenium Walk.


The room was big and nicely decorated. A lot better as compare to Singkids at Vivo City.


See it yourself. Nice, huh? I was shooed out by Asher and walked aimlessly at the mall before I picked him an hour later.


Asher with his masterpiece. It was RECYCLE theme. I chose to let him attend this class as asher learned about recycling at EK, he remembered the bins and signs. He is constantly telling me to recycle the items that we are about to throw and even asks his daddy if we can have a recycle bin at home ! Honestly, I am so proud of him, other than the having to run around the mall to find a bin as he sees the recycle sign on the packaging, I thank him for reminding me to keep doing good. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle; now we bring our own recycle bags whenever we are out. NO MORE PLASTIC BAG!



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