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School’s Out 21 – WON – Y Velo Bike

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Asher is very lucky to own his first balancing bike before he turned 2yo. I’ve posted photos of him riding it on my Facebook and blog. It was given by my niece and Asher loved it so much. 2 years have gone, Asher is now a little too high for it and we handed it his younger cousin brother, Brycen. Okay, I didn’t share how hard for him to part his bike, it was his everything!
2 weeks after we finally bid goodbye to his old bike, we won the new and stylish Y Velo balance bike from another blog giveaway draw. We have been really lucky, it had to be one of the best Christmas gift ever for Asher. He was over the moon, I was too when I found out it can take the max weight up to 25kg!

There are 2 versions of Y Velo bikes, the blue one for kids aged 18 months and over ($110) and the green one is suitable for children as young as 3yo ($139).
What I like about V Yelo

– Kids learn to cycle without the need for stabilisers or training wheels.

– Light weight (just 4kg) and easy to put in car boot.

– Stylish & neutral colour that suitable for boys and girls.

– Kids learn to balance, coordination and improve motor skills.

– A built-in steering limiter also allows children to maintain control of how much they turn.

– An adjustable seat and handle bars that grow with a child.

Here is a short video of Asher cruising his V Yelo

It is no doubt a perfect way for kids to progress to bicycle cycling quicker, if not, why you think we have one since many years back? Get one for your children today, I believe he/she will be glad to have it! Products are available at nottoobig & some of the Mothercare stores.

Please note that I’m under no obligation to write this simple review, I just wanna share with my readers the benefit of having a balancing bike for your children.


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