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School’s Out 22 – Doctor for A Day event @ Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital

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I learnt about this event from a friend early last year, knowing the minimum age to join is 5yo, I told daddy we can register for Asher when he turns 5 in 2014, or play cheat a little, maybe around 4.5yo? Little did I expect to receive a call from a doctor from Mt. E Novena, Asher got a slot and to be a doctor for a day! Actually, he likes nurses more than doctors. No, I didn’t tell him his mother is a registered nurse, maybe all the nurses attended to him were nice and kind hence he prefers them.
In that morning, Asher was a little reluctant to enter the premises so we told ourselves if he really did not want to try or experience it, we would have to leave.
At registration counter, I came earlier to make payment, surprisingly, the staff informed me that we did not need to. And Asher finally got over his foul mood and couldn’t wait to start his day.
Around 10 children in a group, seated together with parents in this preparation/briefing room, listened to the doctor as he taught the children how to do the 7-steps hand washing technique. This was also the first time I witnessed Asher actively responded to speaker and he was selected to demo the hand washing steps, but he only knew 2 steps. (Opps, we don’t do that at home back then)
After that, children started moving from room to room.
First stop – GP Room
Over here, children were introduced to basic examination tools by doctors. Everyone got to touch and use the devices. Asher kept saying “telescope” for “stethoscope” and continued fooling around. *slap forehead*
Second stop – A&E Room
The kids were taught how to stop bleeding using gauze and how to use bandages. I could tell he enjoyed himself a lot in this room.
Asher’s partner was a jiejie. She was so gentle and really acted like a big sister to him.
Third stop – Nursing Room. This was when all parents giggled non stop outside the room, we all couldn’t stop laughing looking at these “dangerous doctors wannabe” handling babies mannequins.
All learning how to change diapers and feed the babies.
He almost dropped the baby ! LOL !!
Then one by one, they walked to the door with their babies in order to let all proud parents took photos of them.
This was the lovely big sister taking care of our cheeky playful boy inside the room.
Fourth stop – OT Room. Can you see Asher? His big sister was hugging him from behind to stop him from wiggling.
Big sister was helping him to put on the adult sized mask.
Surgeon was explaining to the children the importance of scrubbing hands before entering the OT room.
Then the surgeon demonstrated how to use a scalpels on patients. Asher told me the patients had a tumor in his lungs and he “cut it away”. How cute!
Gown, disposable hat, mask and gloves, he did look a bit like a little OT staff.
Last stop – Pharmacy. In this room, kids removed their OT gown and changed into pharmacies gown.
Say cheese !
A cute certificate for all the kids.
Besides a certificate, all children were given goodies bags with stickers, stethoscope and notebook inside.
It was a fun-filled day for us, thank you Mt. Elizabeth Novena for organizing the event, I believe all the kids enjoyed being a doctor for a day, put aside the fun effect, the older kids probably learnt a lot on the examination tools and use of them, understand how the doctors and nurses work in certain room and for the younger kids, it helped them to overcome the fear of seeing doctors in future. As for me, I’m totally impressed, the entire level was converted into mini hospital for the kids and no toys, except the mannequins, were used in this event. If there is another chance, we may come back again!


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