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School’s Out 24 – WON – Thinkertoyland Speeding Kart

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Is lucky an understatement? I simply won so many things for the month of December! It is a Speeding Kart consists of 96 pieces of components with which a child can construct 3 different designs. How cool !

I have to admit that I bought too many things for Asher lately but this is the one that I think he loves the most. Believe it or not, he can play with it on his own for hours.
Happy Son = Happy Mom
Just like the father, they go through everything before unboxing.
There you go, it trains motor skill and eye-hand coordination. These are tough, non toxin parts that require a little bit more strength to assemble them on his own. But fret not, the mom is there to help.
The imaginations come in if you take away the instruction guide to build the kart, kids at this age don’t go by rule sometimes. But, it is ok for this, let them touch, think and create.
Erm, it no longer looks like this, he has been playing and dismantling and fixing almost daily, the parts are good and solid, they don’t break or crack easily and I like the cheerful colours.
Friendly price tag and most importantly, flexible and moveable (oh yes, kids love that), parts are made by non toxin material and pro- environment. I am not surprise if Thinkertoy is the top 10 to-buy educational toy for children.

For those who are interested, you may get a set at Inventive Kids Asia

Disclaimer : please note that I won the toy from giveaway and I’m under no obligation to write this review.


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