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Skip Counting by 6


I thought of slowing down, I really think there is no need to learn multiplication at this moment, we stopped after the last clip (skip count by 4) in December but he just loves the numbers so much, in less than 2 days, he could do 6.

Today is my Birthday, while we were waiting for school bus, I told him to sing me a song, look what he wanted me to record :


2 thoughts on “Skip Counting by 6

  1. Wow! Adil (primary 2) actually walked into my room this morning and proudly proclaimed that he has memorised the multiplication table for 6. He was extra proud of himself because the P2s are only required to know multiplication table for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 for the recent test. 6 onwards not taught yet. Wait til he hears about 4yo Asher doing this. Wahahaha!

    Well done, Asher! Impressive!

  2. Adil so cute, I like his attitude ! I just watched a 2yo can do 2-12 !

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