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Art Appreciation @ EYM

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All parents were invited, I was exhausted, I could barely open my eyes as I didn’t sleep the night before, I almost thought of giving it a miss but I went ahead, I didn’t want to disappoint Asher.

I almost cried when I saw my dear son, he was sitting alone, pouting. The moment he saw me, he asked me in frustration tone why was I late and told me he was waiting for me. I hugged him really tight and told him I tried my very best to be there and I wasn’t even late.

The art room
He couldn’t wait to show me the art room, displaying all the artworks from K1 children. He used cut paper to make a face and wrote “apa khabar”, good that he understands the meaning, we made him greet the Malays when we went for Malay food after that.


Mad about circle, the children went to Alkaff Bridge weeks ago and learnt about all circles painted by artist Pacita Abad on the bridge and they came back to do something similar.
Asher’s big brown donut!
All children were to draw 2 circles they spotted on the bridge and teachers cut some of their works and made this big artwork, children were to think of a art name for it. Asher called this the “the walking clown”.
Another creative corner for the children to make donuts using playdoh.

Asher and I at the creative corner.

At this creative corner, children can use these chalks provided to draw anything circle on the stone and wipe it away after that using a damped cloth. Super like the “recycling” idea, no wastage.
Easy peasy, his artwork on stone.
I appreciate the efforts by the teachers and this was indeed a good opportunity for us to see what kind of art they learn in school and how they conduct the lesson. It’s not about the product actually, teachers said the same thing, most importantly, the children must enjoy and learn along the process of making a product. The P pulled me aside after the session and told me she was very happy with Asher’s progress, he is someone who gives up easily but for this session, she saw perseverance in him.


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