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June Holiday 1 – We visited Dentist

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Our first visit to School Dental Centre 6 months ago was a success, I prep him well and everything went smoothly.

I’ve been reminding myself to bring him back during June holiday and I was lucky enough to get a preferred date too. Believe me or not, this boy was more ready than anyone else! I didn’t get him any books this time round, just briefly describe the procedures to him and also shared with him my expectation for him as a K1 boy. Oh boy, he pleased the dentist and assistant, listened and followed instructions and earned himself so much praises and got a special sticker from them. I know as I worked as one before, we usually kept those extremely nice stickers for exceptionally well-behaved children. I told him how well he behaved and showered him with lots of TLC today. (As told by teachers and psy, give additional attentions and rewards when he does well.)

Honestly, I was very proud of him today! The dentist was impressed too, she told me I have done a good job in raising a happy kid like him and that “I’m so cute to be a mother.” I guess she was trying to say that I’m easy-going mom who plays along with him. For the same reasons, many as mistaken me as his sister, rather than mother. 😜




(Sorry for the blurred photos, pictures were not allowed in procedure cubicles to maintain privacy for healthcare workers.)


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