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June Holiday 4 – We Make Oreo Ice Cream

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300ml of heavy/thickened cream
1.5 cup of icing sugar
1cup of condensed milk
1 pk of Oreo cookies

Honestly, whoever created this recipe, I’m worried for your health! It’s gonna be the first and last try making ice cream using this recipe. However, Asher loves the process and he just can’t wait to try his Oreo Ice Cream!



Okay, I just have to admit it was entirely my fault for following the recipe blindly, I left with only 10 minutes to shop so I just grabbed and left. I should have more time to think before I executed my plan, which was before I allowed myself to mix all ingredients stated. Guess what, Asher took a mouthful and left, daddy and I were clueless, it never came across our mind that our boy was actually walking into the bathroom, squeezing out the toothpaste and starting to brush his teeth!!!!!!!!! He walked out, looked at us and said,” daddy mommy, I have brushed my teeth, I don’t want to eat the ice cream anymore, I just want the Oreo.”

I threw the ice cream away without second thought. Lesson learnt – be more alert !


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