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June Holiday 7 – Lucky Me : Dotty The Dragon Play

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I won the tickets from Facebook lucky draw ! I was thinking if I didn’t win it, I would buy the tickets because I really wanted to bring Asher to the show or any play during the June holiday.
We were early so we managed to meet storyteller Sheila Wee at Drama Centre Foyer.

8th play since his first play when he was around 2y8mo, less preparation needed prior the show, in fact, I went in with him as if it was my first and I asked him what to do, what were those booster seats for, why dim the light. He could answer me fairly well.
Back to the show, I personally like the storyline a lot, pretty relevant when come to remind Asher to be nice and helpful if he wants to have more friends to play with. On the other hand, he also must be aware that not everyone he meets is friendly and nice, that was why the villagers were hostile to the baby dragon they first met her.
Engaging and lively, just like every plays, they involved the audience hence the children were pretty high. Lots of fun, wonderful storytelling, live music, fabulous puppets and a very happy ending. Heartwarming, can’t help but fall in love with the cute baby dragon. Asher asked so much questions even days after the show, eg. why are there puppets in the show? what do night watcher and washer lady do? He also sings the song “do you believe in dragon?”

After the show, he even helped to bring back the booster seats, including the one belonged to the boy who left the theater early. Parents, do prep your kids especially much younger kids before going any live show. To keep the show lively, the crew often make contact and communicate with audience so screaming/shouting is very common, some children do get scared of certain characters, sound or light effects, if your child is not well prep, you may end up carrying a crying child, squeezing through the seats in order to get out of the theater half way through the show.

Here come the most exciting part of the play, meet Dotty ! Asher rushed to toilet after the show and when we were out, I saw the long queue snake to take photo with Dotty, my jaw dropped! Then I saw our lovely daddy queueing up for us while we were away, haaa, smart daddy! It didn’t take us more than 10 min to meet Dotty.


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