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June Holiday 6 – We Bake chocolate Cheesecake Soufflés

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Asher was still in his pj when we decided to bake cheesecake soufflés! I chose to bake this cake because it was easy to bake, you need nothing more than just 3 ingredients.

Asher was helping to melt the chocolate.

3 bars of Meiji chocolate, melted.

3 egg yorks added into the melted chocolate, combined. Then add them into a room temperature cream cheese, approx 125g. Mix well.

Beat the egg white into peak, unsure what is peak? Turn the pot/bowl around and if it stays, that’s peak. Then fold in the batter. Always remember, light to heavy, scoop the white into the wet batter, don’t do it at one go. Fold well but do not over fold, release some air before putting into the preheat oven to prevent crack.

My mistake for taking the easy way out, I should not have tried the baking mode function from rice cooker. Water bake for 150-160°C for approx. 30min using conventional oven.

The cake was little moist and soft, delicious too. We will bake it again! Sorry I did not take any photos of the cake as I personally find it a little ugly. 😁


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