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June Holiday 9 – We Bake Cheesy Meat Pull-Apart Bread


A short loaf
Minced Meat, cooked with pasta sauce
Grated Mozzarella Cheese

“Asher, do you wanna help me to prepare dinner?”


200°C for 15-20mins, I forgot to get aluminum foil and the stuffing is cooked so I did not bake for long.

Dinner is ready! 🍴 Thank you Asher ! 😋 as I did not slice the bread correctly, we could only pull the side. (Do browse the link given below for tutorial)
Yummy but we couldn’t finish it, looks like mommy doesn’t need to wake up early to make breakfast for daddy tomorrow.

So, how was it? Daddy and Asher love our dinner tonight, delicious but a little dry, next time I shall cook some soup to go along with it.

For those who wanna try this, click here


2 thoughts on “June Holiday 9 – We Bake Cheesy Meat Pull-Apart Bread

  1. Love it! Will try it myself for dinner later this week. 🙂

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