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June Holiday 10 – How to train your Dragon 2

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Don’t ask me why, I just felt like bringing him to the cinema. We came across the trailer and decided to watch this instead of Magnificent. There were 3 cinemas around Jurong, I went to Cathay for obvious reason – promotion!

This promotion has been around for years but never once I brought him to cinema in the morning or noon because he was in morning school back then. When he woke up early this morning, I thought maybe we were in time to get 2 seats for 1pm show and we made it!

$9 in total, work out to be only $4.50/person. If you are sahm like me or you have a planned leave and want to bring your kid to the cinema, Mom & Tots promotion from Cathay will save you some money.

As advised by the very friendly staff at Cathay, I took couple seat at row D, she was right, this row is higher so we had full unblocked screen, Asher even removed the booster seat half way through the show and he had no problem watching the show.

Just in case you haven’t watch it, I don’t want to be a spoiler, after all, it is one of those you-know-what-will-be-the-ending, heartwarming friendly movies. Asher could briefly tell his daddy about the story, I found him really mean actually, it’s a 1h45m show, so many fighting scenes and he expected a child at this age to tell him the storyline. (But it is really cute to listen to the story, he finished in just 5 sentences. 😄)


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