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Happy Fathers’ Day

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One fine day, he took out his drawing block and told me he wanted to make a card for daddy. (Super rare!) He told me what he wanted to write and started with his crayons. Minutes later, I saw this and I took a few snaps without telling him. I am very pleased, over the months, I see improvements and changes in him. The positive environments given to him is changing him to be a happier boy, everything right now is all about ❤️.
Signed off with his name and he added some beautiful stickers given by Bernice. Occasionally, we still see the “2” in his name, but it is perfectly fine as there was no practicing at all (at home). Daddy loves it, he said that was a 4.5yo writing and I couldn’t agree more.
He was so proud of his work and showed it to daddy way before Fathers’ Day. Daddy was thrilled and brought it back to his new desk in office. We are both very happy with his progress. It’s not the product, it is the process. I’ve never felt this before, I’ve been waiting since he was in playgroup. ❤️
This is done by Asher using ipad in school. Love it, he told us XueMei laoshi took this photo for him and taught him how to write chinese words. Unlike Mothers’ Day, daddy didn’t get any card or craft done by Asher from school in the past few years, I’m delighted to receive this in my email.
How time flies, this will be the 5th Happy Fathers’ Day to Ben.

To you my darling, thank you for everything.


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