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Niqqi’s Cheese Prata @ Clementi Road

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It was a mistake to talk about Maggie Goreng in the middle of the night, we were craving for it and decided to have our dinner at Niqqi’s. No editing, just in case you want to know, it was this “merah”! It tasted really differently from the first time we tried it. No, it was not years ago, just last month. 😱
Bad 👎, we couldn’t swallow the nasi goreng merah, not even a mouthful of this. We ordered non-spicy nasi goreng, I was pretty sure I didn’t ask for “merah”. It was for Asher, yes, he took a look at it and said NO! The boss came over and asked when he saw this plate of untouched fried rice, Ben told him the taste was not right, he tried on the spot and agreed with him but still, he charged us in full too.
There are so many prata shops around, if he wants returning customers, he really needs to train his staff to be more friendly. As for the food, I’m speechless. 😷 This will be our last visit to Niqqi’s.


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