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June Holiday 14 – Adventure Forest

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Daddy was on one week leave, I failed to plan any overseas trip. To prevent himself from checking emails and doing company stuff, he spent every single minute with us. *thankful* He never failed to ask me what to do and where to go every morning and I was too crazy to say Adventure Forest on last Wednesday. It was around 1pm, yes, 34°C if I remembered correctly. Luckily it was quite windy and lots of shades at Bedok Reservoir, we could have died of heat stroke! Daddy, the crazy no.2 didn’t object and laugh at me when I asked for brolly. Asher, the super playful one, weather is the last thing on his mind, unless it rains!

First time here, he was qualified for kids course but we all knew this fella needed some “warm up” so we went ahead and bought a mini course at $12 for 2 rounds.

The staff helped to secure the harness and taught him how to move the cable through each obstacle.

Ahha, he still thought it was going to be easy, couldn’t wait to climb up!

He could still smile at this point. 😂

The Mini Course has 8 obstacles and this is the first one. The height 1.8m is enough to scare him off. He almost gave up !
First round was assisted by daddy but his confidence grew after the next few “scary obstacles”. I was so happy to see him walking with confidence till I forgot to snap photos.


Second obstacle, easy peasy, no way to fall huh! He walked through without asking for help.

Third obstacle, staircase like but needs him to balance himself. It took him very very long to pass, he just couldn’t stand up.

My poor son, he finally found his own way, his comfortable way to pass. Yes, on all four.

He couldn’t go through the fourth obstacle as it was a balancing beam, however, he conquered the wobbly trapezes.

Sixth obstacle, another wobbly one but look how comfortable he was.

The seventh obstacle is similar to the third obstacle except it is not a solid wood but a wobbly one. He used his butt to slide through one by one. The last obstacle was the spider net, he did it without help.

I realized he couldn’t do it when he was needed to balance himself, or simply put, when there was nothing to hold, he was so afraid and had zero confident of the harness and cable. However, he did well, I really thought he would ask us to bring him down when he first started. 😊

Will we come back? Of course! Gonna bring him to the west coast park more and get him ready before we come back for kids course.

Adventure Forest at Bedok Reservoir
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