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June Holiday 15 – Sponsored – All about Wheel

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When I read about the blogpost from InventiveKids Asia , I’m glad to know the kids enjoyed themselves so much for this workshop. It is definitely one of the best workshop for kids who loves gears and wheels, I could tell mostly boys love it. You won’t believe me if I tell you I had problem asking him to leave and say goodbye. It took me more than 30mins to hoax him, he really loves having mates to play together.
Photo credit : igenius
Before I left, I bought a set of Thinkertoyland at discounted rate. This set was chosen by Asher but daddy was the one who couldn’t wait to explore and play with the son. When everyone talks about play, Thinkertoyland engages children in purposeful play. Best of all, no one needs to travel far for that as home is the best learning ground for our children. Open the box and here comes the fun!

With Thinkertoyland, the children learn through making, it helps in strengthening fine motor skill, which is important for our children, eg. gripping pencil for writing in future. When children are given loosen parts, by looking at them, their brain starts thinking what to do with the parts. If the child can fix a gear or wheel, it is not common sense, their brains have started manipulating and imagining what they want to do. For older children, adults can even teach math & science using Thinkertoyland, eg. geometry, gears, symmetry, force, balance, trajectory.

As I’ve mentioned before that these parts are really solid, younger children may need our help to assemble it. What can be more rewarding than spending time with your children and be the one guiding them? Parents, always remember that money can’t buy time or happiness. Yes, children love toys but the joy of having daddy and mommy to play with them – priceless!

Thank you igenius for sponsoring the workshop, Asher truly enjoyed it.


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