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June Holiday 19 – 学笔画

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During the PTM, Ben and I were cool and calm. We kinda knew what would the teachers said, but not until XueMei 老师 told me my son only knew 4 strokes of 笔画 out of 24! I told 老师 we would pull our socks up and do more practices during this school holiday. I confessed, 1st week, we slacked; 2nd week, lots of activities and workshops; 3rd week, daddy brought us out daily; 4th week, which is now, we finally sit down and learn them. It’s not something new to him hence it’s not difficult to reintroduce, we have completed 12 strokes today, hope we can complete more tomorrow. Look, I bought the brush pen from Daiso, the tip is soft, he enjoyed writing with it.




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