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I want my complexion back!

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For the past 6 months, hormones changes, sleep deprived, stressed and all contributed to my very terrible complexion. I became so obsessed with my face, I could spend all day checking facial products and I even wanted to go for laser. However, I didn’t as there were simply too many types of laser, I did consult a dermatologist and the charges really put me off. I told myself to be patience, to rest more, to think/worry less. Believe me or not, not only my complexion is bad, my hair falls like nobody business and someone was telling me to eat more nutritious food before I collapse!

Everything started because of sleep deprived? I do think this was one of the main reason that causes me to have really bad complexion and eye bags. Then I remember an old advertisement about this woman in red failed to hail a taxi at night because she looked like a ghost, honestly, I may look like one too. So, I decided to take D.O.M and it has been weeks now. Verdict: I sleep better nowadays, maybe it is just psychological effect but it doesn’t matter, so long I can rest my mind. I was so desperate that I almost walked into a clinic to get dormicum. Thanks Nat for giving me a bottle of D.O.M.

Clarisonic Mia $220
It cleanse better but gout at nose 👎
How 6x cleaner? I still couldn’t tell. I used it twice then reduced to once a day and finally down to only once a week, thinking that it was the culprit that causing outbreaks on my cheek and forehead. On my mind, you’re not pocket friendly so you better be good, if not, better!

Avene Foaming Gel $30+
Thanks Patricia for recommending this brand, I was ranting about redness on my cheek and sensitive skin, this facial gel is really gentle to my skin and redness gone within 3 days of using it.

Avene Spring Water $20+
Many people called it the magic water, somehow I don’t feel any different, as instructed, I spray it over my face and leave it, then I apply lotion before it dries up. The price is reasonable with the 1 for 1 promotion, I may continue to use it.

White Formula Toner
This super moist toner with Hyaluronic acid claimed to be able to reduce wrinkles and give us firmer texture as it triggers our own Hyaluronic Acid, I am not sure about it, I just know I’m smart enough to get a sample sized one at barely $2. I like it as it dries fast and leaves my skin supple and smooth. Gosh, now I don’t really know which one makes it smoother but hack, my face is smoother, that’s matter. Pores are less visible on cheek, yes, on my left cheek, not so much for my nose, still strawberry nose here. I freaked out when I saw the pores, then I realized I have stopped using lotion/toner since December as my skin “dried up” after Kiehl’s whitening toner!!!! I rushed to watsons and grabbed this. I’m glad I did, the pores are much less visible. As for my nose, gotta be the gout, if there is dirt, not cleanse properly and no extraction, how to close, right?

Kiehl’s $52
It soften the gout on nose and makes it easier to remove using extraction tool. It’s a moisturizer but SA warned me to use only on my T zone as I had severely dehydrated skin when she saw me. Now since I’m using so many moisturizer, including the facial wash, I apply on my cheek too. So far, no peeling! 🙏

Kiehl’s $80
It just takes me forever to finish this tub! Hell, I even toppled and wasted some of it, still, half a tub to go! Yes, another tub of moisturizer that you think they works the same but this one is so much greaser/richer and expensive. (But now come to think about it, I use this for soooooo long, it ain’t expensive anymore.)

Sunblock $10+
When I saw breakouts, first thing on my mind was this, even before I thought it could be clarisonic, simply because you’re the cheapest among them! Now I like you so much because I apply you on my arms and full legs so I can still wear shorts on the sunny hot day. I could tell you have done a good job on keeping my limbs in same colour tone. 👏👏👏

Sunblock $18+
When the first sunblock got accused for causing breakouts, I bought this petite size. Seriously, cute to the max, 120++ SPF, you think I’m crazy? People are swearing that sunblock products are actually the cheapest anti-aging products in the market, provided you use it early. It has become my routine, use it daily without fail, leaving house or not, it’s another issue all together.

See, influenced by me.

bareMinerals $90+
If I can throw some nasty words here, the F will be the first for it. I thought going for big brand mineral based product is way to go but I was so wrong, the damn thing costs me close to $100 comes with algae extract that proven to make acne worse as it is one of those pore-clogging ingredients and it also contains ActiveSoil Complex and Lauroyl Lysine that cause breakouts ! I have never had so much breakouts in my whole life! Okay, for the past 20 years after my puberty! I stopped using it for 2 days and I could tell lesser bumps on my forehead now . Damn you bareMinerals!

Kose Mask
I opened my fridge and saw my leftover Kose masks and that night, Ben was still out and Asher was asleep so I just slapped one on my face and I couldn’t help but thinking of going back to Kose. I was using Kose products faithfully for freaking 10 years and after I stopped using, I saw pores, dull and rough skin. Yes, I mentioned before that a beautician said my skin around my cheek is thin, likely to be the side effect of long term whitening products usage but I don’t remember Kose gave me any of the problems I’m facing now except dry skin, maybe I can go back to Kose but continue slapping many moisturizer to prevent dehydrated skin? Just one mask, 20 mins and my face was a lot brighter and it lasted for days. 😫

I truly learnt my lessons, not all expensive products are good and don’t try everything new at the same time, go for smaller sized/sample sized before purchasing the full sized products. Most importantly, I need to sleep and rest and learn to relax…

Anyway, I’m barely half way through, I really don’t know when can I have my healthy look back. Ben was telling me I look really pale and urged me to eat more nutritious food. Looks like I need to be a fussy eater, no more nonsense food. To be frank, I’m so tempted to go for fractional laser! 1-2days downtime? Who cares! I’m a housewife.


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