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June Holiday 20 – Act 3 Workshop – The Woman Who Swallowed A Fly

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Event:Act 3 “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” workshops

When:11/06/2014 − 17/06/2014

Venue:ION Art Gallery Level 4



When I received the newsletter from Act 3, I knew I had to register! Knowing this interactive kids’ workshop educates young children about drama, visual arts and artistic expression in a fun and dramatic way, to me, this is meant for my Asher.



The kids arrived and seated on the floor just couldn’t wait to interact with the OLD LADY play by Frances Lee. As this was a drop-off workshop, Ben and I could only be there for the first 15 minutes. Here are some photos:



When we came back to pick him up, we knew he had a great time as he couldn’t even wait to tell me and show me his art piece. However, he got a little upset when they told him to sit down so the teacher had to comfort him.

Overall, I would say this was a really interesting all-in-one art workshop for the children. I personally liked the visual art activities. Asher loved drawing and imagine his joy when he saw his work visually swallowed by the old lady.


So glad that I enrolled Asher. This was definitely one of the best workshop where he could perform (I was told he was too loud, lol), learn and enjoy to the fullest. Just in case you were wondering, we had a hard time (again) asking him to leave and yes, he was the last boy who left the place.

To register or sign up any Act 3 holiday workshops, do check out their website page, email/call them directly. Don’t forget to subscribe their newsletters to get the latest news for their upcoming events.

ACT 3 Drama Academy
Add : 126 Cairnhill Road
ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre

Email :

Website :

Tel : 6735 9986

Nearest MRT Station
NEWTON (7 minutes away)

Nearest parking
Cairnhill Arts Centre car park (via Cairnhill Rise)
Anthony Road car park (5 minutes away)

Nearest pit stops
Paragon Shopping Mall/Newton Hawker Centre (7 & 10 minutes away)


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