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Fractional Laser (part 1)

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The first zap on my face, I just wished I could pack and go! It was so painful, definitely more painful than delivery a child (For my case. I remembered telling Ben I don’t mind having another child after I had my e-section). But now, I just couldn’t convince myself to go for another session, definitely not going back to the same place.

I told myself to bear with it because I wanted fast result and I don’t mind the downtime but the pain was too much! I didn’t expect it to be this painful and the smell of my burnt skin, omg, I just felt like puking throughout the session! The smell was exactly the same as I was in the OT room, observing a pin-hole surgery. I turned pale and the surgeon told me to get a chair and rest.

Damn it. I told the consultant not to tell me anything until I see my face 7 days later. I may change my mind to go for #2 session but right now, the pain is still there, no, not stinging pain but feel like someone just scraped off my skin. Damn raw and I couldn’t even open my mouth wide to eat properly.

The man of the house doesn’t see any “problem” on my face hence he doesn’t understand why there is a need to go for laser. It’s freckles, well, the man just doesn’t get it but it’s okay, so long he doesn’t mind paying and listen to my rants. Gosh, I’ve been whining since I walked out from the aesthetics centre. 😷 Anyway, I am very thankful for having such understanding husband. Because of my forgetfulness, he had to come home from office at 12noon to babysit Asher. I came home and saw my boys, one worked from home and another one, writing homework. *blessed*

Here are some photos to share. Pre procedure (L)
Post procedure , taken by the staff
Almost an hour post procedure, sun burnt face. (L)
8 hours post procedure, still painful. 😭 (L)
(R) can you see the pin marks on my jawline. Painful to touch! I am using my Avene spring water spray diligently, to hydrate and smooth my dried skin.
Fair skin, longer downtime? I hope the consultant was wrong.


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