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June Holiday 21 – It’s Veer 3rd Birthday

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How time flies, Veer turned 3 last month! Still remember the first time I saw him, he was just a tiny baby in the arms. That reminded me we have not been meeting up for quite a while.

We arrived on time, with the lovely card done by Asher for Veer. He was such a spoiler, he told the birthday boy what we got for him.

A themed Birthday Party, Super Hero for Veer. The parents DIY most of the decorators including the invites. I guess this was easy peasy for Pallavi, who is a designer herself. 😄

The kids saw these as goodies bags, I saw these as EFFORT. As expected, no nonsense in the bags, thank you for the thought gifts.

Themed party tags for the yummilicious cheesecakes. Oh my, I feel like asking her to organize Asher’s birthday party. 😆

No one would miss this – An oversized themed Birthday Chocolate Cake.

Then games for the rest of the time. Brilliant ideas of Pallavi, to get felt cloth as capes for the kids and alphabets for them to form their names.

We helped him to search for the alphabets and he pasted them on.

See our Super Hero, all ready to save the world.

Super Hero themed party – the best theme for BOYS!

All taking turns to “spray” on the pictures.

There were enough children to form 3 groups and they were making “spider webs”.

And more games for them to play.

Kids listened to instructions carefully.

Every kids brought home a SUPER HERO certificate. Look at Saurabh and Pallawi, both dressed up for the theme party too.

Asher truly enjoyed himself, he told us he wanted a Themed Birthday Party like Veer’s and he wanted to invite ALL his friends. *sweat*

And when I asked him,” what theme do you want?”


😭 I’m going to get someone to organize it!


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