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Fractional Laser (part 2)

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Day 4 – dotted marks appeared to be brown, no sign or crust or scab. No where near there. Felt the “dots” on the face. Sprayed Avene water few times a day, kept applying sunblocks and moisturizer.

Day 6 – no peeling effect, more like shedding/exfoliating. When I washed my face, i felt like as if I was using “marvel gel”. Still in the process of healing, I was told the healing may be up to 14 days and after 2 months, the skin starts to regenerate and if I’m lucky (and take good care of my skin), the effect/result of laser will last for 9 months.

I’m going to bitch about this, i still have uneven skin tone. The one who did the laser left some parts (by hoping I would go back for more sessions?), you can tell by looking at the photos. Why would she do that? There was no way to miss the cheeks! These were the reasons I went for laser. How sad. The freckles were lighten, still there, 😔 I honestly feel like going for another round of laser, the one that targeting the freckles and not resurfacing. (Thankfully the cost is covered.)


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