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小蝌蚪找妈妈 Looking for Mama

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咦,怎么不见妈妈呢?小蝌蚪于是四处寻找妈妈。 但是,它们不晓得妈妈是什么模样,怎么找呢?在途中遇到了大眼睛的金鱼、白肚皮的螃蟹,可全都不是小蝌蚪的妈妈。它们告诉小蝌蚪,它们的妈妈有一双大眼睛、白肚皮、四条腿,长得一点也不像黑漆漆的小蝌蚪。妈妈到底在哪里呀?
猴纸剧坊另一部新作 –《小蝌蚪找妈妈》将以人偶同台的呈现方式,为孩子们讲述小蝌蚪们在找妈妈的过程中,闹出了多少笑话,又遇到了多少艰难险阻。可别错过这场即温馨,又富有教育意义的人偶剧!快来和小蝌蚪们一同寻找妈妈吧!
Little tadpoles are hatched and started their journey looking for Mama. They met different creatures in the pond and asked around, “Where is our Mama? Are you our Mama? ” Everyone tells little tadpoles that their mama looks completely different from they are. Then how does Mama look like?
A new production by Paper Monkey Theatre, Looking for Mama tells the adventure of brave little tadpoles in search for their Mama. Follow us on this heartwarming journey as we show-and-tell with drama and handcrafted puppets!

华语演出,无英文字幕 | 时长约40分钟,无中场休息 | 适合5到7岁孩童观赏
Performed in Mandarin, with no English surtitles | Duration approx. 40 minutes, no intermission | Suitable for 5 to 7 years old.

公众订购 Public Booking
12th and 13th September 2014, 230pm & 730pm
票价15元 | Ticket price at $15 (Early Bird – $12)
Get your ticket now at :

Presented by Paper Monkey Theatre Ltd


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