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Still struggling with Chinese Language

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I tried my very best not to ask Asher how did he do for his spelling, then I received this text messages from Chinese Teacher on that same evening. I was over the moon, I showed it to him and he asked me,”Mommy, I did it?” I hugged him real tight and praised him generously. He was very proud of himself and kept telling daddy he got full marks for spelling. The same afternoon after he left to school, I was telling daddy I shouldn’t give him too much pressure and if he were to get zero mark for his paper, then be it. We do practices at home when his mood is good and I know his performance, more or less.😉

This was 3 days before spelling day, marked by Chinese Teacher. He got full marks too, but with hints. Teacher also showed me some Chinese characters which he was able to recognize, just 1/3 of what his peers could recognize. I don’t want to compare, teacher told me not to and she was confident that by K2, with his willing-to-learn-Chinese attitude, he would have no problem (conversing & writing) when he goes to P1.

Here are some 笔画 cards I did using “recycle material”, after completing the 笔画簿, I cut and laminated them. I was told he only knew 4 out of 24 笔画 in May, now he could recognize and write 20 笔画 without guidance! Teacher and I are so happy with his progress. 康旭,我们一起加油!


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