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Show-n-Tell : A Weekend with George

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The same evening when he brought home this little teddy name George, I received a call from teacher on how to go about preparing his first show-n-tell in school. Asher was excited, he couldn’t wait to introduce him to me and his doggy, Croissant. (Did I mention he loves stuffed toys lately and started giving names to them?) when I flipped through the big file, I saw how others kids and their parents prepared the materials, and of course, how they spent their weekends with George.

It wasn’t too difficult for us as I had planned some activities to do with Asher and daddy even planned to bring the kids to Sentosa over the weekend. All we needed to do was to bring George along and make sure Asher took care of him. (Luckily no family had brought George there yet)

We came back with lots of photos and fun, Asher could easily relate them and give the show-n-tell a rehearsal at home. This boy is not afraid of public speaking, by nature he is a loud speaker, full of ideas and he talks a lot, lots of people have been asking if I sent him to any speech & drama class, I didn’t but he joined S&D class when he was with EK, I was told he was not cooperative most of the time. Anyway, I always find him “drama”. EYM conducts show-n-tell pretty frequent and the kids learn from each other, I really like the ideas, from n2-k2, none of them use script, it really helps to build up their confidence and gives them lots of ways to express.

Daddy and mommy did the printing and arranging, Asher did the pasting, decorating and writing. To be honest, I was really panicked when I saw other kids’ work, there were really good, precise, full descriptions. I was worried to hand in sloppy work but then I thought, no point for me to stress over that, I
could do the writing, colour and make his pages beautiful, but without involvement from Asher, he would not be able to share his weekend with George in school. It was indeed a wonderful weekend, daddy and I started to enjoy doing the home-involvement project and we looked forward for our next project – Family Tree.



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