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Why Is Our TV Underutilized?


Will you believe if I tell you it took our son 4 days to realize that the tv was spoilt? For no reason, there was only sound when we turned on the tv, then it became okay after a week. Oh well, good thing for daddy and I, we stopped munching the unhealthy muruku and had more time looking at each other than glueing at the tv screen for that week. 😂

So, without iPad or other fanciful gadgets at home, was it tough for him to pull through the days without tv? Actually not at all. Simply because there are too many things to keep him occupied. Our ex neighbour 瀛老师 ever told me, teach only 1 subject/day. I tried that but it didn’t really work because I got bored teaching the same thing! However, his current teacher told me to spread out his learning materials at home at different corner in the house and allow him to choose what he wants to work on. Sometimes I do that but as an OCD mom, I just can’t stand mess so I will still keep the stuff away after he used them. Here are some of the learning corners in our house :
(Come on, our unit is way too small to have corners, these were literally on the floor.)

Telling Time Corner

Maths Corner

Phonics Corner

Lego Corner. Daddy bought the set for him and Asher is allowed to play Lego daily.

Blocks Corner

Games Corner

Reading Corner? Actually he reads at all corners in the house, his favourite reading time is at night and most of the time we read in the room. Lately, he is so into this sight books and demands us to read to him daily.

Chinese/Mandarin Corner

His Personal Octonauts Corner. After 4 days, he asked for tv, claimed that Croissant (his dog) wanted to watch, we gave in to his request and allowed him to watch using daddy’s laptop. This is usually happen when daddy and I need to talk/discuss something without interruption but not frequent.

So now you know why I only cook one single dish for dinner at home, I have few hours of my own time daily and I use these hours wisely, to keep my sanity if you must know.


2 thoughts on “Why Is Our TV Underutilized?

  1. Cannot stand noise from TV! So noisy. When Adil was about 3/4, our old TV one day just made a loud ‘pop’ and completely died. We had no problem with NOT buying a new one for a lonnnng time.. We had no TV for 9 months before we even bought a new one. And only because my mom said she felt pity for our guests who came to our house cos it was so quiet without it! She said it’s unheard of in this modern day n age to not have a TV. 🙄 We didn’t miss it at all! So peaceful n quiet without it.

  2. Oh yesssss! I couldn’t agree more. Now we have another in the room, mounted and unused. 😜

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