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Fish Maw Wongbok Soup

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I hardly cook soup at home, so far I only cook herbal chicken soup. Maybe we did feel guilty for pigging out too frequent last week, when I suggested to cook something simple, blend but healthy, Ben nodded.

So here we have a pot of delicious soup. Only 4 ingredients needed and there are:
1. Fish Maw $2.50
2. Minced meat $1.50
3. Wongbok $1
4. Meatballs $2

Meatballs, it looks like I don’t have to add it, well, can’t help it because this soup is usually cooks during CNY and meatball is a must. It’s round in shape, in chinese, it’s 圆 so it represents “complete”, 圆圆满满 and 团圆, just like a meal for Thanksgivings where families come together and feast.


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