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Learning Sight Words & High Frequency Words


Cited from Wikipedia :
Sight words account for a large percentage (up to 75%) of the words used in beginning children’s print materials. The advantage for children being able to recognize sight words automatically is that a beginning reader will be able to identify the majority of words in a beginning text before they even attempt to read it; therefore, allowing the child to concentrate on meaning and comprehension as they read without having to stop and decode every single word. Advocates of whole-word instruction believe that being able to recognize a large number of sight words gives students a better start to learning to read.


And then I decided to DIY sight words card based on Scholastic sight words list. Asher is a visual learner, he loves it, plays with the cards all the time and he is very proud of himself when he is able to read short sentences and form simple sentences. At this point, he recognizes about 30-40 sight words and keep telling daddy he wants to follow daddy to work once he can read more. (Ops, that was what daddy promised him) Again, it’s proven to me that I cannot and should not rush when he is not ready. I was a little worried earlier this year, forgotten that I’m having a Oct baby, he is not even 5 yet and I’m expecting him to be able to read like any K1 children. *bad mom* See, now I just need to leave him with these cards, read more books, give more encouragement and his spongy brain just absorb everything that comes.


4 thoughts on “Learning Sight Words & High Frequency Words

  1. I have those scholastic sight word reading books too! Bought when Adil was 3/4. I have always thought phonics is more suitable for older kids. Sight words are more appropriate for our younger kids. Easier. Makes for a more enjoyable reading session for kiddos. Less stress too!

  2. Yes. You know I look at Asher macam so poor thing trying to “decode” the words. He is starting to show interest and more willing to make the sounds but he definitely like sight words more, I don’t know why. And yes, a lot easier to teach.

  3. Don’t worry, Di.. When their brains are developmentally ready, they will auto learn to decode words phonetically without any/much effort at all! All in good time.. ☺

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