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Thankful Tuesday


Another thankful Tuesday when my night ended with LMK as supper. I was craving for it when I saw it on FB, someone was sharing how to make it and I told Ben how I wished I could have it as supper. For the first time, he offered to drive out to get it and it was past 10pm! Asher overheard and asked,”daddy, are you saying you’re going to drive out without me?” And daddy answered with a big YES.

He always bring me out whenever I want to but this was the first time he offered and out without me, he told me he stopped by 3 places, including petrol kiosk mart, 7/11 and finally got it at a kopitiam that was almost closing.

What can I say?



3 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday

  1. Hi Diana, my fren had introduced your blog to me. I am interested to order some rice wine fir my confinement in Nov. Can you please email me for details. Thank you.

  2. so blessed! 🙂 Next time can text me.. I know of a kopitiam that opened 24 hours and they hv a dim sum store! 🙂

  3. Aiyoh! Don’t start it, I shouldn’t be eating so much.

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