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Food Catering

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If there is a “laziest housewife award”, I think I am the award winner. 😫

For some reasons, I decided to cater dinners for us on daily basis. Actually, it is 4 days/week as we can’t be eating out daily. I know, it is a bad idea, very bad idea especially we have young kid at home and I’m not working. Trust me, this won’t be long, unless the food is extremely delicious. Feeling guilty? Of course! I’m truly blessed to have a very understanding husband.

I’m just taking some time off the kitchen, some time to sleep and rest in the afternoon while Asher is away. I know how far I can go, I see the red light blinking, I know I need to rest before I hear sounds. *touch wood*

In short, I’m recuperating.

This is our first dinner from Hong Choo Catering Service at MacPherson. “No MSG” is the main reason I choose to order from them.
Taste: ✌️✌️not salty
Price: 👌👌👌SGD200/4 dishes/20 days
Punctuality: 👍👍👍
Food arrived at doorstep at 5:30pm and we had them warm. Ben will be happy to see his favourite 五香,I love wongbok, Asher has meat and fish. 😊


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