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Pony Rides & Megabounce !

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An impromptu trip to Singapore Zoo, an unexpected request from him to ride on a pony…
As well as the MegaBounce! Now, I can’t believe my ears when he told me he wanted to try rock climbing, is this something to do with his age? 😳
Pony riding was on my list for our June holiday activities, I kept asking if we could try pony riding and NO was his answer. I gave up the idea after asking continuously for few days. Same thing for the MegaBounce, the setup was at Star Vista, we went all the way there, parked and queued but forced to leave without trying the mega trampoline because he simply refused to, I coaxed him but daddy said only to try when he is ready. I felt bad because of my stupid idea, we wasted our time and money.

So now you know how happy I am when he initiate to try them out? 😂


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