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Ipoh Anson Chee Cheong Fun @ Changi Road

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Been here a few times, really far from our place but still, Ben would drive here when we were craving for Anson CCF. Born and raised in Anson, I think I am qualified to give rating on this.
Taste : 👍 almost the same
Texture : 👌too thin, probably just 50% of the original thickness.
Price : 👎 expensive, because one plate is never enough.
Will we still go? Yes, it’s because I don’t see myself going back to Anson, I’ve not gone back for almost 10 years. 😔

Anson Chee Cheung Fun
324P Changi Road, Singapore 419799
+65 63459689
Mon, Wed to Sun: 7am – 6pm
Closed: Tue


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