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Hong Choo Catering Part 1

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Actually I’m not a fussy eater so when I say it is edible, some may not agree with me but trust me when I say it is awful. 😁 With posts like this, I hope it is useful for those who are considering Hong Choo catering.

Veg 1. – Asher starts to appreciate chinese style stir fried vegetables. Not oily, my favourite.
Veg 2. – Taugua, quite yummy. We don’t usually eat this but now I know how to cook.
Fish – yummy fish, Asher and Ben love it.
Deep fried – Ben’s favourite ngohiang.

Veg 1. – love green leafy vegetables. Not oily.
Veg 2. – taupok. A bit boring but it’s good source of calcium.
Chicken – flavorful, yummy, home cooked style.
Deep fried – Ben’s favourite again.

Veg 1. – bean sprouts is salty and oily but delicious. (Salted preserved veg added)
Veg 2. – fried pork skin. Ben’s favourite. Asher and I did not taste it.
Chicken – too hard to chew, big chunk of chicken parts. 😣
Deep fried – fish cake, Ben’s favourite. Asher and I did not eat this.

Veg 1. – not oily, not over cooked, Asher eats lots of the green leafy.
Veg 2. – steam egg is flavorful, Asher finally gets to eat fresh food.
Chicken – flavorful, not too hard, yummy.
Deep fried – untouched.



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