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Ah Seng Durian


I must be crazy, and Ben was crazier than me as he brought me out for durian right after our early dinner because I was craving for it. To avoid disappointment, he even called to reserve a MSW for me, no joke people, never walk-in without reserving Ah Seng Durian, despite calling in advance, we only managed to “chop” one. And this 2.2kg durian cost him $39.60, the rate was $18/kg. 😭 crazy boh? I’m not a big fan of MSW, will definitely go back and try their D24.
享受幸福❤️,想瘦都难!😂 *blessed,loved*

Blk 20 #01-197 Ghim Moh Market, Ghim Moh, Singapore 270020
Mon – Sun: 13:30 – 19:00
9465 6160 /

Note : they have shifted to the temporary wet market next to Ulu Pandan CC due to renovation. Unit no:01-64. Please call before heading down.


2 thoughts on “Ah Seng Durian

  1. Omg. That looks yummy! I LOVE durians! And so do the 2 kiddos. BUT, my husband HATES the king of fruits! He cannot stand the smell! What only… So wasted, can?! Must wait til he goes away on work trips then I can buy for kids n I to enjoy. Or go to my parents’ to eat. 🙄

  2. What a waste! Hey, I know all Malays love durian, at least those I know all suka durian. It’s very nice and quality is good. This ah Seng is famous because of his durian quality and it’s consistently good, heard he owns the plantation in Msia. Tapi expensive right to eat this at $18/kg! Luckily I’m not a big fan for MSW, too rich for me, I still prefer the bitter one.

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