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Show-n-Tell : My Weekend with George!

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The children have been learning about “How Do We Represent Our Neighbourhood Using a Map?” in the past few weeks. To further enrich the children’s learning experiences, we would like Asher to take George for a walk from Early Years Montessori to a school in Sunset Way. The walk will enable Asher to ” experience in a concrete manner”, the area that he will attempt to map, based on his observations along the way.
Topic of the week: How Do We Represent Our Neighbourhood Using a Map?

Route of Field Research:
Starting point: Early Years Montessori
Ending point: A School located in Sunset Way (Asher’s choice)

Honestly, we rushed through everything! In order for us to walk around the hood, there are only 2 timing, either morning or evening. (when there is still sunlight but not too hot.)
As we have to go for tuition on Saturday morning, daddy suggested to go in the evening. We took a slow stroll and Asher tried his best to lead the way. A little confuse, a little too straight forward, well, there was only so “little” we could do.

Asher presented it in school with lots of help/reminders. Expected. But I believe he tried his best. 😊


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