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Almost 200 Chinese Characters

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With teacher’s guidance, my little kentang can finally converse in mandarin! For that, his capability of recognizing chinese characters has improved tremendously.

I am given a task by tuition teacher to revise 4 new characters weekly with him, to be honest, I did revise with him but stop after first 2 lessons. 😓 I know I should keep a task list but sometimes, I just tell myself to let go a little and just be carefree. Until last weekend, teacher told me she took more than 30mins just to introduce one new character “用” to him and that drove her mad, real mad. I understood her frustration and assured her I would do my best at home.
I was a little clueless at first, then I thought, I could just use the leftover empty word cards and write all 48 characters he has learnt so far. To my surprise, he could read 39/48 characters and another 4 new characters(including “用”)on the next day! For that, I praised him generously and that really helped to boost his confidence in learning Chinese and speaking Mandarin.

老师也是功不可没啊!(all thanks to teacher’s effort and guidance.) This serves as reminder to me, I must remember to do revision with him at home, simply because in almost everything, practice makes perfect. (Not perfect also can lar.😜)

Side note: Have I mentioned teacher told me confidently with his positive learning attitude towards Chinese, he will be able to recognize and read up to 500 words before he enters P1? To be frank, I wasn’t sure about that few months ago but now, yes, it is possible. I still remember teacher’s feedback during PTM in May that he was far behind his peers for Chinese and that he could only remember 4 strokes 笔画. I just can’t imagine after merely 4 months, my son can converse in mandarin, score 100% for his 听写, know all 24 stroke, recognize approx. 150-200 chinese characters. Am I a proud mom? Of course! 😁


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