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Let’s Bake Muffins

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Out of sudden, he told me he wants to bake cupcakes. As I did not have any of the baking ingredients and needs at home, I went to mart and thought I should just get the premix.
– it’s convenient
– no wastage
– for single bake
– inexpensive

It’s always good to bake something with him at home, let his hands get dirty and at the same time,
– we learn some simple steps to follow.
– do a little bit of simple counting (numbers of eggs?) and measuring (how much oil?)and time needed to bake. (revise skip count)
– train his eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skill.
– learn a little bit about science like why the cake raises once it is in the heated oven.
– talk about how high is the temperature of the oven and the energy used to bake the lot of muffins.
– saving energy. We don’t bake daily but weekly if he really wants to prevent electricity wastage and that leads to the cost.
– sharing is caring. I always emphasize on this and baking lots of muffins when there are only 3 of us at home is the best way to tell him when we have more than enough, we share with others.
– last but not least, there are always lots of fun and bonding between us.
Here is our muffin (using BC premix), the taste of chocolate with the chips is very rich and sweet. We keep only 3 and the rest were given away to his teacher and our extended family. 😊


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