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Looking for Christmas Gifts?


Christmas is here again and it’s the season of giving, what are you giving your loved ones this year? I was looking for something for Asher’s teachers and when I came across these, I thought these were brilliant! What can be more comfort than having foot soaked with Young Living Essential Oil after a long day in school?

You may wonder, what is this Sea Salt Foot Soak and why is it gotta do with Young Living Essential Oils? Here are some of the benefits :
~Boost your magnesium intake
~Ease stress, improve sleep
~Reduce inflammation, reduce muscle pain
~Flush toxins
~Helpful during illness, eg. clear congestion
How to use?
~Add Sea Salt Foot Soak (whole jar 40ml) to basin of warm water (~40 degree Celsius).
~Place tired feet into basin.
~Sit back, relax and enjoy.

You can choose from:
~relaxing Lavender Foot Soak
~refreshing Peppermint Foot Soak
~detoxifying Tea Tree Foot Soak
Affordable price at only SGD6/jar, each comes with lovely Christmas packaging. These are great for Christmas gifts!

If you getting 20 and more, you may get your own personalised christmas tag with free delivery too!

What are you waiting for? Order them now before they are gone!

How to order?
Contact Ms Shirley Yeong on her Facebook.

Disclaimer :
Please note that I’m neither affiliated to the seller, nor I’m a member of Young Living. I’m not paid for the above advertisement, I’m promoting this Christmas sale mainly to support Ms Shirley, who uses YL essential oil and benefited from it. I’ve got one set for myself and I can’t wait to start using it! 😍


4 thoughts on “Looking for Christmas Gifts?

  1. This is great! I want one for myself 😊

  2. Sure! I’ll get back to you

  3. I will contact that lady myself, Diana. Thanks for writing about this 👍

  4. Sure, I thought I forgot to leave Shirley’s contact. Thanks Famela for your support. Collection is very near to your place. 🙂

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