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Lucky Me – Hairy Maclary

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This play is based on the book by Lynley Dodd. To be honest, we have not read any of the books so when I won the tickets for Asher, I went to library to grab a few (eg. The Wiggles) for him. Some videos on YouTube caught his attention too but little did I expect this play turn out to be his favourite play ever!

Why? I’ve never seen him being so alert, so super well behaved, paying full attention in the one full hour, he sang the those songs that rhyme, kept helping to find pictures of the dog friends, followed the other audience to clap and stamp and then…

“Hairy Maclary, from Donaldson’s Dairy.”

If you ask me, I’ll say it is quite amazing that no one can get those rhyme out of his mind after the show, till date, Asher is still singing them. After the play, Asher kept bugging me to buy the books!

It was indeed one of the best play we have ever watched so far. Good show, wonderful songs that played alive, funny and catchy dog friends, we sang, clapped hands, and had loads of barking fun. 😄

Thank you Life is in the Small Things for hosting the giveaways. I hope the lucks follow me through next year and let me win more tickets for Asher.


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