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Cooking Pasta In My Rice Cooker

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After moving (a little) far away from my mother, we no longer having the privilege to just sit back and wait for food daily, I have to cook 4 meals a week and I am still learning how to cook healthy food for my family. Lucky for me, Ben and Asher are no fussy pots, they eat everything I cook and I just need to cook one or two simple dishes each meal. To prepare simple dishes, rice cooker is my God sent, obviously. My one-dish dinner can be served within 30 mins to 1 hour using rice cooker. However, I know some may not agree with me. There is a wonderful FTW wife who prepares delicious healthy food at home within an hour, without using rice cooker. 👍 too bad, my kitchen is way too small for another appliances, if not, I will consider another “magic pot”.

So here you are, my first pasta of the year, cooked in rice cooker. It’s a no brainer, you add anything you want and just add at least 2.5 cups of water into the cooker and viola~ 🍴 dinner is ready! ( if, I said if I were to relocate, I’ll leave most of the stuff here but not my rice cooker. 😜)

Step by step :
– 1/2 packs of pasta
– one onion, diced
– few crab meats (for the hubs)
– ground meat, 250gm
– a medium jar of pasta sauce
– 2 1/2 cups of water
– press start (that’s it!)




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