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Dec 2014 – Activities – Gardening

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This has been on my to-do list for months! Ben has been bugging me for the longest time, that he wishes to see beautiful flowers in our patio. We did buy some beautiful flowers for CNY last year, but all withered as they were left under the scorching hot sun without water. Poor flowers, we were such irresponsible people who left the house for days without asking help from our neighbors. 😓 After that, I simply refused to spend few tens of dollars on flowers anymore. Then I thought, why not just buy some seeds and try it out. Ben and I drove to the nearby florist and got the soil, seeds and watering jar. See, the boys were having fun getting their hands dirty. I reminded Asher daily to check out his plants, he who loves watering plants and loves caring for flowers, diligently does what I expected.

This morning, the boy (still in his pj) went to the patio to water the plants and was overjoyed to see the seeds sprout! He was screaming in joy, asking me to check them out. Honestly, at that moment, I wanted to get a few more empty pots and try growing vegetables!


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