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Passport Renewal

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Time flies, Asher’s passport is expiring in 6 months time. I didn’t notice that until I was about to purchase air tickets this morning, now I have to wait for a few more days and hope there will be no increase in fares. Barely 2 weeks of school/work, Ben has already took leave and has plan for June holiday. (Yeah, it’s June holiday not March holiday.) It is a short trip but the trip that we have spoken for the longest time, I’m so looking forward. For the first time, Asher and Brycen may get to sit together in the flight.
Feeling all grateful to have APPLES(system), I was lying on my couch, wearing my nightie while renewing Asher’s passport. The whole process takes only 5 minutes if you have photo ready to be submitted. I’m crossing my fingers hoping the officers will approved this photo.
A little emo as I browsed through his passport, he has grown so much over the years. No longer the little baby but a young lucky chap who has been traveling quite a bit at such tender age. Of course he doesn’t remember much, but we remember the good times together. It also shown that couples shouldn’t stop traveling just because of new addition into the family, oh yes holiday will never be the same, who said you can’t have romantic moments after the kids sleep? (Just relax a bit during holiday, it’s fine to shop less, eat less, it’s the memories that make the difference.)
A recap of some countries we have visited together as family:
1. Tokyo @ 14mo
2. Malaysia @ 14.5mo and many more…
3. Bali @ 23mo
4. Phuket @ 17mo
5. Switzerland @ 20mo
6. Germany @ 20mo
7. Brussels @ 20mo
8. France @ 20mo
9. Netherlands @ 20mo
10. Shanghai @ 2y5mo
11. Hong Kong & Shenzhen @ 2y7mo
12. Krabi @ 3yo
13. Hong Kong @ 3y10mo

Not forgetting our latest family trip where we visited 10 cities in 3 weeks. USA marked the 14th country we have visited together. It is always on our list of country to revisit but Asher’s first time there. He is grateful that we brought him there, he learns about continent in school and learns about weather, almost everything was so different from Singapore that he couldn’t stop comparing the moment he touched down. This trip was definitely not the usual holiday where he didn’t notice much changes, he experienced, he observed and he touched snow for the first time in his life. He loves Boston so much that he told us he prefers to stay there, even after a month since we came back, he still talked about Niagara Fall and San Francisco tram. Put aside the expenditure for holidays, if we can, we will love to bring him to more places.


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