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Pork Loin Chops

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I got a pack of seasoning from a bottle of sauce I bought lately. Not knowing what to do with it, I thought maybe I should try cooking pork chop for dinner. I got a boneless loin meat, cut them in approximately 4cm thick and marinated them for hours. Then I pan fried them on medium high heat. No sauce or whatsoever, Ben found it a little hard to chew. I went online and got advices from some experts. Here are what I gather from them :

1. tenderize with baking soda before marination process.

2. USA and Japanese pork are good.

3. Marinate with some oil, cornstarch and add some water to the meat because meat gets dehydrated. Massage the meat for awhile. Add other seasoning. Also hammer the meat.

4. If marinate with salt do not marinate too long as salt will draw all the moisture out of the pork.

5. Any meat without fats will be dry or hard. So like everyone said, hitting it to break down the meat is one way. Cut very thin slice, like those Hainanese pork chop also can, but must fry high heat and very fast. Can coat with flour, but got nothing to do with tenderizing.
Rocomment use papaya peel, p’apple slices to marinate your meat, soak in marinate for abt an hour b4 use. No chemical, can try.


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