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1st Spelling of 2015

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I received K2 spelling list on the 2nd day of school and It slipped through my mind to practice with him prior to spelling day. Thankfully this boy of mine has no problem remembering them, we only went through twice at home and I thought, he already got full marks in my heart, if he couldn’t remember them in school, then be it. (Don’t nag him!)

People said,”keep calm and expect the unexpected.” I couldn’t stop smiling and cuddle him tight after I saw this. Unlike last year, the teacher actually broke down the percentage in overall on how the kids did for each spelling. (Eg. 75% all correct, 20% half correct, 5% one correct. Well, is there a need?)

While I do appreciate they update us on the result, it’s good enough when my kid brings it home for me see his result, honestly, I don’t want to know how “well” other kids do. It is creating unnecessary stress to parents who do not see the “excellent”. Why do I said so? It is because my son didn’t get full marks for all his spelling last year in school except for long spelling (and I feel it 😡). However, he got them all correct whenever I tested him. In fact, I tested him again few days ago for all k1 spelling list and he did well (again). A self reminder: it’s not what you see in report book, it’s what you see in your own children.


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