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Our Reservoirs

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An evening stroll around the nearby reservoir after our dinner. It was our first time here, unlike other reservoir, it was quite noisy due to the traffic. We didn’t stay long as we came unprepared, you bet, the mosquitos were more than what I’ve ever seen for years. A little scary but I saw worker fogging at the same time, looked like we came on the wrong day.

Since we were here, I took a chance to explain to Asher why there was reservoirs in Singapore and reinforce the important of saving water in Singapore. As we all know, this is a small island without natural aquifers and lakes. Singapore receives a considerable amount of rainfall yearly so reservoirs play important roles in Singapore as they store these rainwater collected through drains, rivers and canals.

Then the water is treated and supply to all household around the island. Over the years, Singapore bought water from our neighbor countries, if we can store and renew water for own country, why not? In long term, it only benefits the country, it is considered an achievement as this makes Singapore one of the few countries in the world to harvest urban stormwater on a large scale for its water supply.

Since young, Asher was taught to save water, “use only when you need to” concept applies to electricity usage too. This is our utility bill summary for Jan 2015, break our own record and my mom thought my meter is faulty.


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