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Salmon With Baby Carrot Porridge

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This is Asher’s healthy lunch, just for him. Many people wonder why didn’t I have proper lunch with Asher since I do cook his lunch daily?

Hmm, he has his breakfast while I’m preparing lunch so I do not have time breakfast, even when I have, I prefer to read my newspaper. So, his lunch will be my first meal of the day if I choose to cook my share and honestly, I don’t want something like this. It’s just too blend, I know, fussy queen in the family. Well, I just don’t want something heavy, I just want my tea.

When comes to food, Asher eats everything I cook, it used to be tasteless, I make an effort to add spring onion, fried shallots and roasted/fried garlic into his food nowadays, just to make it tastes better but seriously, he doesn’t mind.

Son, you’re just like your daddy. You’re always grateful and appreciate that someone is preparing food and serving them to you. (He knows me and my mom are the cook for family.) Your future wife will be a really lucky woman, just like your mom.


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