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Long sightedness

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Seriously? WTF. I sent him for eye check up because one side seems to be smaller than another, quite obvious actually. Lazy eyes was first came into my mind so imagine my shock when the optometrist said he has slight long sightedness. I do not really know if he was fooling around during the check or if this is real. He has no problem with reading, doing homework. He is able to see distant objects well and no trouble focusing on nearby objects. Telling me he could be suffering from Hyperopia (Long-sightedness or Far-sightedness)? That’s absurd!

I understand that many very young children especially Asians are hyperopic because they have small eyeball, but their hyperopia lesses as their eyeball grows larger with time, some said they will outgrow it as adults with this problem is rare.

Needless to say, Asher is struggling to wear his glasses, he said friends will tease him. Luckily xuemei laoshi is good, she gives him assurance that no one will tease him in school as she will tell the rest of his classmates why he needs to wear glasses. It doesn’t help much when I received calls from teacher that he put the glasses on his head and disrupt the class. Sigh, what to do? I’ll let him wear it and at the mean time, getting appointment to see another specialist for reassessment.


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